About Us

Kolbe Hezare Roshan Company started its operations in 2007 as one of the partners of Knauf Company in Iran. We offer tailored consulting advice, construction installment services, and wholesaling services regarding drywall ceilings. We have expanded our operations and establish a sister company named Kolbeh Pishgaman Atieh Co. in 2016, as a representative of Knauf products. Presently, the secondary company has over 22 full-time employee and more than 200 agents.

The company’s services include creating ceiling tiles and decorative drywall ceilings according to client’s specifications. Complimentary to our operations, we sell raw materials and supplies from Knauf, a renowned company in Germany primarily focused on producing and curing gypsum, in addition to drywall materials. Our main activities include all kinds of ceiling drywall and latticed roofs, execution of barrisol and modern roofs, decorative ceilings, and various types of wall coverings. These products are fireproof and moisture resistant, adding value to our qualitative reputation. Moreover, the company had the opportunity to work with start-up businesses, making sure that their office spaces are aesthetically designed based on the latest trends.

Also, we recently open a branch in Ontario, Canada. Kolbe Hezare Roshan Canada Incorporated will initially specialize in the wholesaling of drywall products as drywall ceilings, drywalls, mesh roofs, integrated drywalls ceilings and drywall coverings.

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